Friday, May 6, 2011

Tiesto and Hardwell at Rock City Grande Prairie

Last weekend Aren, his brother and I went to see Tiesto and Hardwell play at Rock City. The show was really amazing and we had an excellent time. I was quite shocked that they actually came here - unreal! :)
I was channeling the 80's/90's a bit, but I couldn't resist wearing that shirt !

Laetzte Wochenende Aren, Sein Brueder und Ich sind zum Rock City gegangen fuer eine konzert von DJ Tiesto und DJ Hardwell. Es war unglaublich und klasse! Super toll! Ich konnte es nicht wirklich glauben dass die beide beim Rock City spielen wird!
Ich schaue ein bisschen wie den 80'er/90'er aus, aber Ich musste diesen T-shirt anziehen. Too Cool.

More photos after the jump INCLUDING photos of myself with Hardwell!!

Aren and Myself

DJ Hardwell

DJ Tiesto

Myself and DJ Hardwell

T-Shirt - UK2LA
Tank Top - ME
Shorts - GARAGE
Nylons - H&M snags by ME



  1. freaking dig tiesto, great colour on your shirt
    Lydz xX

  2. Your hair color is amazing!!

  3. great outfit!!! I'll follow you...follow me!!!

  4. i love your shirt! it looks like a blast!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Cool Tshirt!! Love Tiesto, saw him here in San Diego a year ago, puts on a good show :)


  6. Looks like lots of fun :) Love the top!!
    Thank you for your comment :)
    Enter my giveaway at <3

  7. Off-topic: Followed you at Google Connect. Hope you'll do the same for me as well. :)

    I love the stocking with run that you wore. haha. :) I wore almost the same thing before too. My relatives told me I was weird wearing a broken stockings and should buy a new one. I did after that but I don't really mind wearing one with a run again. I mean, I think it is cool.

    <3 Grysh

  8. love the blue on you
    pretty color with your hair color!
    my pants come from h&m!

    thanks for the sweet comment
    i have a new post, maybe you can check?

  9. this outfit is perfectly 80s! i love it!

  10. hello lydia, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :) first of all this is a great post! fabulous outfit and secondly it is very exciting to find another albertan blogger ! good to know fashion is alive in alberta .

  11. Looks like a fun event. I like how you wear the ripped tights! Cute, and great cropped top.

    Live Life in Style

  12. Amazing how runs in your nylons is now chic...Oh how times have changed!

  13. I have those sam eldmans you have on aren't they super comfy. I love them! You look fabulous Doll!!!



  14. Cute. Love your haircut too. xo


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