Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The End Of The Month! (Geek Chic Re-post)

The End Of The Month! 
One month already - I can hardly believe that the time has gone by so quickly. 
As many of you are aware - on the 12th or so of May Blogger had a crazy "oops" moment and completely removed all of the days content. I thought that to end the month off I would re-post the outfit that has been lost somewhere out in blogger-land.
Geek Chic!
I hope those of you who haven't already seen this will enjoy it and those of you who have will laugh again the second time around. this outfit was also featured at the Smarter Fashion and Beauty Blog so if you want to check out my feature, you can do that as well : )
 Thank you to all of you who have been following me and helping make this blog a success so early on! I love reading all of your comments and browsing through your blogs.

More Photos After the JUMP!

Monday, May 30, 2011

My Shopping Rules- OR - How to never wear the same thing again!

This post is a bit of a departure for me.
As I am sure you have gathered from my many other posts, I don't usually write too much.
This is mainly due to the fact that I believe a picture is worth a thousand words (how cliche) and that I don't particularly always enjoy reading other people's rants and raves or what they ate for breakfast.
I assure you - this is not a rant and I have no breakfast to tell you about.

Many of you are aware of the controversy surrounding many of the more famous fashion/style bloggers. Some of the controversy centers on how they can afford to wear a brand new expensive outfit every single day, have time to photograph themselves in it and still have a life.
If you walk away with nothing else from this post please remember:

1. You Too Can Never Wear The Same Thing Again

2. Great Style Is Not Necessarily Expensive
As you will remember from THIS POST, I talked about re-wearing an outfit. By this I meant that I wore the exact same thing, not just the same shirt or the same shoes. There is nothing wrong either of these things. There is also nothing wrong with wearing something "different" everyday. I will explore the latter in this post.

At the end of my Grade 12 year, a girl in my class commented (or lamented?) that she had "never seen me wear the same thing twice". I was flattered but knew that it was not really true. She had never seen me wear the same combination of things twice. There is a big difference.

Those of you who visit this blog on a regular basis have seen my very recent series of three outfits which all use the same dress as their base. They all look different from one another.  Ari from Ari Sunshine made a really great point when she commented on one of those posts and said (I paraphrase) "it is very important for a person to be able to combine individual pieces of clothing well"". This is absolutely the truth. 
You don't need to have a billion dollar budget in order to wear something "new" everyday, or even to have a stylish wardrobe. The bottom line is this: if you don't know how to properly put together an outfit, or match one piece with another, you can make even a designer ensemble into a boring flop or a fashion faux pas.
Don't get me wrong - I do have very expensive pieces in my wardrobe but I also have a plethora of cheaper (thrift store vintage) pieces and some that were FREE. I don't mean Free - as in a sponsor gave them to me free. I mean free as in - they were discarded by friends/colleagues/family members or the dregs of a garage sale (The ubiquitous "free" pile).
The key to having something new to wear every single day is NOT an unlimited budget - it is being smart with your money, working with what you have, taking care of what you have and always looking for the potential in every piece/place that you see/go. Shop smart.

The following are some of my shopping rules. Follow at your own discretion.
1. Cheaper is not always better
2. Expensive is not always better
3. Shop Everywhere - (thrift, boutique, high end, hardware store etc.)
4. Don't buy clothing on credit. Never. If you can't afford it - move on.
5. Don't only buy from the Sale rack
6. Don't only buy regular price
7. Shop online but adhere to a limit (see#4)
8. If you want something expensive - save up for it (see#4)
9. Never shop with a friend (if at all possible)*
10. Know what you already own
11. Never shop near closing time - you will impulse buy
12. Keep a list (wants/needs/inspirations)
13. If at first you don't find it - keep looking

*A lot of people don't agree with this but friends or shopping buddies if you will, can really hinder you while you shop. They have different expectations (they want to go to another store perhaps), they may have more or less money than you (we don't want awkward situations) and they may not have your best interests at heart or share your vision for whatever look you are creating. In severe instances women will even stop other women from buying things that look fabulous on them because they are jealous. I also feel guilty if I make people wait too long for me to try on garments. Obviously I do shop with other people - it just isn't my preferred modus operandi. If I am planning on looking for something specific I prefer to go alone or split up and meet at a predetermined location.

I have broken down the prices of the individual pieces to show that looking good doesn't have to cost a lot of money. I haven't listed the stores the items came from (those are in the original posts) but I am sure you can guess that almost all of the items under $10 came from a thrift store. And yes - the dress really did cost 25 cents.
(Click on the photos to see the original posts.)

More Outfits After The Jump!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

High Waisted Linen - 100 Million Wrinkles

As the title would suggest I am suffering from wrinkle overload. That says it all right there.
Moving on:
How do you feel about high-waisted pants? I haven't been wearing them myself (until now) and I am not sure how I feel about them. They are kind of awkward. Perhaps this is just my perception, but I find that while they keep a waist looking tiny they almost over-accentuate the hips/butt area.
What are your feelings? Have any of you been rocking the high-waisted pant/short?

PS. I didn't see this until now but Steffy from Steffy's Pros and Cons posted a Sponsor Spotlight yesterday and I'm a part of it. Thank for the shout out Steffy.
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Last Saturday In May

Hi Everyone! Can you believe that it is the weekend again? The time seems to be flying past so quickly. Today I am posting an outfit which I actually wore quite a while ago, but decided to wear again because I like it so much. Does that happen to you too?
These shoes (Cannistraro from Aldo) are one of my favourite pairs because of the interesting silhouette that they have. Can't go wrong with lace up peep toes. : )
Hope you have been enjoying the first month of Style Independent (can you believe it will have been One Month in only 3 more days?). 
Enjoy your Saturday!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

One Dress - 3 Outfits - DAY THREE

The last and final day. I must say that I have really enjoyed this little experiment and I may do this again sometime. It is really fun to see what you can do with one piece of clothing.
The first two outfits were a lot more Bohemian than this one - similarly styled. I think that this look is much more "classic" for lack of a better word. : ) I like it because it manages to be fun and classy (even though the skirt is so short).
What do you think? Do you have a favourite?

If you haven't already, 
check out OUTFIT #1 
Die letzte Tag. Ich muss mal sagen, dass dieses kleine Experiment habe ich wirklich genossen.  Vielleicht wird ich dass wieder tun irgendwann. Es macht mir spass zu sehen alles was ich mit einem Stück Klammotten tun kann.
Die ersten zwei Outfits waren viel mehr Bohemian Styl -  ein bisschen ähnlich gestylt. Ich denke dass dieser Outfit viel mehr "Klassik" ist (einen besseren Wort fehlt mir) : ) Ich mag es sehr gern weil es Spaßig und auch "Classy" aussieht
(obwohl der Rock so kurz ist).
Was denken Sie? Haben Sie einen Favorit davon?

Sie koennen die anderen Outfits hier besuchen:
und OUTFIT # 2

PS. I found out last night that a photo from my "Are You Wishing For A Sunny Day Too?" post had been used over on Emporium. Emporium is a Miami Boutique with an eclectic mix of independent and local designers. Check it out folks!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Dress - 3 Outfits - DAY TWO

With the second outfit I am not wearing a dress under the dress but I am wearing a sweater. This style is better suited for a slightly cloudier day - socks and a sweater. I could have worn tights/leggings but it is warm enough (during the day at least) for bare legs. 
Flat boots today and shorter - did you notice I am back to wearing a braid? : )

If you haven't already, check out OUTFIT #1
and stay tuned for tomorrow's OUTFIT #3.

Mit dem zweiten Outfit ich habe nur eine Kleid angezogen (nicht ein andere darunter) aber ich trage einen Pullover dazu. Dieser Stil ist besser für einen etwas kuhleren Tag - Socken und einen Pullover. Ich hätte  Strumpfhosen oder Leggins tragen koennen, aber es ist warm genug (tagsüber zumindest).
Flache kurze Stiefel heute - Haben Sie bemerkt dass meine Haare wieder im Zopf ist? : )

Wenn Sie es anschauen moechten: OUTFIT # 1
und Morgen gibt es OUTFIT # 3.
More photos after the Jump!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Dress - 3 Outfits - DAY ONE

As I am sure you have guessed from the title of this post I am going to be showing you one dress styled into three different outfits over the next three days. At the end you can let me know which of the three was your favourite. Of course you don't have to choose if you don't want to : )
This is very simple, hippie/boho style for this dress. The dress itself is very thin (and quite short!) so I layered it with another dress underneath. Heeled boots and a wide vintage belt complete this simple summer outfit. Great for a sunny day outdoors!
Stay tuned for OUTFIT #2 - coming tomorrow.

Ich bin sicher Sie wissen schon was ich heute schreiben wird, weil es steht auf dem Titel von diesem Post drauf! : ) In die nächsten drei Tagen zeige ich Ihnen ein Kleid der in drei verschiedenen Outfits gestylt ist. Am Ende koennen Sie sich fuer Ihre Favorit entscheiden.  
Natürlich müssen Sie nicht eins auswählen wenn Sie es nicht wollen : )
Zuerst haben wir eine sehr einfach Hippie/Boho-Stil für dieses Kleid. Selbst ist das Kleid sehr dünn (und ganz kurz!) deswegen zog ich es an mit einem anderen Kleid darunter. Stiefeln und einem breiten Gürtel sind total passend zu dieses einfaches Sommer-Outfit. Perfekt für einen sonnigen Tag!
  Morgen gibt es OUTFIT # 2 .
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are You Wishing For a Sunny Day Too?

Today I am posting on another beautiful piece that I found at the same store as my Romper. Yes it is another one-piece! This time with longer legs. I was so drawn to the intricate detailing at the top that I had to buy it. The fabric is very lightweight - so perfect for summer weather. 
It has probably become even more apparent that I love braids as I have now had my hair braided in this post as well as HERE and HERE and HERE!
The floppy hat was extra floppy - I think I may need to starch it if I plan on wearing it anywhere other than a park or a beach - it was really hard to see anything! What do you think about floppy hats?

Heute schreibe ich uber eine schönes Stück das ich bei den gleichen Geschaeft wie meine Romper gefunden habe. Ja, es ist nochmal ein One-Piece! Diesmal mit längeren Beinen. Ich habe die komplizierten Details an der Oberteil so viel gemagt dass ich es kaufen musste. 
Der Stoff ist sehr leicht (so wie Seide) - perfekt für Sommerwetter.
Jetzt ist es wahrscheinlich sehr klar dass ich Zöpfe liebe! Ich haette meine Haare im Zoepfe in diesem Beitrag und auch HIER und HIER und HIER!
Die Hut ist Extra-Floppy - ich glaube das ich muss Stärke (?) benutzen dass es besser auf meinen Kopf sitzen wird. Es war wirklich schwer zu sehen! Was denkst du über solche hüte?

More pictures after the Jump!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Of Orange and Berets

Welcome to Monday Morning!
So yesterday I discovered a whole group of Fashion bloggers and bloggers who live within driving distance - fantastic! It is so nice to meet other people who enjoy fashion as much as I do.
Inspired by all of the colour I have been seeing lately I decided on this Orange top. The shorts are linen - so they are horribly wrinkled which maybe makes it look frumpy. I honestly ironed them only half and hour before the photos were taken. 
I was having fun with the Beret - I'm not much of a hat person usually but I thought it might be fun to try something new.What do you think?

Willkommen beim Montag!
Also gestern habe ich eine ganze Gruppe von Bloggern und Mode Blogger entdeckt, die nicht so weit weg von mir wohnen - fantastisch! Es ist so schön, andere Menschen kennenzulernen, besonders wann die auch Mode moegen wie ich.
Ich war inspiriert von alle der Farbe die ich in letzter Zeit gesehen habe und sah diesem Orange oberteil an. Die Kurzehose sind Linen - und sind schrecklich zerknittert, und ich siehe ein bisschen.. ja komisch aus. Ich habe die Kurzehose gebügelt (ehrlich!) nur eine halbe Stunde vor dem Fotos aufgenommen wurde. Furchtbar.
Ich hatte Spaß mit den Beret -Normaleweisse trage ich keine "hats" aber ich dachte es konnte Spaß machen etwas Neues auszuprobieren. Was denken Ihr?

More photos after the Jump!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Military or Safari? You Decide.


Hi Guys!
So I am still hoping that my internet troubles have finally been resolved - there were mass outages yesterday and it was highly frustrating. Moving on...
I couldn't decide whether this shirt was better suited to a Military inspired or a Safari inspired outfit. Obviously with the forest and the old munitions boxes this one was styled Military - that is only because I don't live in the Serengeti and have an Elephant just sitting in my backyard. Enter photoshop : )
This is not the best photoshop ever done (I don't pretend to be a pro) but it is reasonable to believe that I could actually be on Safari staying at this camp.... perhaps.

So, the big question remains - Military or Safari?

PS. 10:00 AM - I was featured again on the FabSugar Looks of the Week! Check it out HERE.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh Romper, How I Love thee

There are people who love Rompers and people who hate Rompers. 
 I love them.
I used to have "Jack" and "Jill" Rompers when I was a child. Well one was actually a skirt bottom and one was a short bottom but they were both made out of plaid. I am pretty sure that my siblings and I fought over those things.
While I was shopping at a relatively new store in town I spotted this exact Romper on the Saleslady. Naturally I asked her where she had purchased it and she didn't actually answer but asked for my size. She then produced it from the back room and now I own it in all its glory. Thank you Saleslady!
What is your take on the Romper/Jumper trend? Do you love it or hate it?

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful Black Dress with Floral Accents

Hi Everyone!
I apologize for the lack of post yesterday but our internet cut out on Wednesday afternoon and wasn't restored until really late last night. 
It is amazing how much we rely on the internet - I was experiencing withdrawals! 
Today I am posting the outfit I had planned on posting yesterday for you.
A black maxi dress that I recently ordered online - from Ebay to be exact. There is no label, so I apologize for that. 
I thought it would look cute styled with a hat and some high sandals - what do you think? Not very practical for the beach but certainly town appropriate. I love the little flowers all over the dress. In fact this is the second dress of this exact style I have purchased - the other is in white. : ) I am sure I will be posting about it later in the summer. 
I hope you enjoy the photos and I also hope that I won't have any further internet problems. 
Are you as dependent on the internet as I am ? : )
Have a lovely weekend!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tiesto - Escape Me : The First Outfit with my Tiesto T-shirt

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments yesterday! So thoughtful.
Today I am posting an outfit with my Tiesto T-Shirt! It was the last small at the show - glad I grabbed it. The colours are super fun but I didn't want the look to be overpowering so I paired it with black and of course my Sam Edelman boots. I am loving these so much! The gloves added a bit of rock and roll edge. Can you believe that I got them on sale for 3.99? Amazing.
See you tomorrow!

Danke fuer alle Euer Liebe Kommentare. Vielen Dank!
Heute zeig ich Euch eine Outfit mit meinen Tiesto T-Shirt! Es war den laetzte KleinGrosse bei der Verkauf Stand - ich bin dankbar dass ich es gefunden habe! Die Farbe sind total super aber ich dachte dass vielleicht wird es zu Krass aussehen. Deswegen habe ich Schwarz dazu angesogen und natuerlich auch meine Sam Edelman Stiefel. Ich liebe diese Stiefel! (Stiefeletten?) Ich denke die Handschuhe schauen ein bisschen Rock and Roll aus - was denken Sie? Die Handschuhe haben nur 3.99 gekostet - unglaublich!
Bis morgen!

More photos after the Jump!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Don't Actually Work Here

The dawning of another bright and glorious day. Don't you love a new day?
It brings with it endless possibilities for new and exciting things. At least that is what I always hope lies ahead.
Today's outfit is a little different. No I don't work in that building (the Town Hall actually) but sometimes I like to dress in Office Chic. I dress for my moods usually, although that is not to say that I will show up in a set of pyjamas at the Oscars because I feel like wearing them. I would never do that - there are boundaries. That and the fact that PJ's aren't quite the type of fashion statement that I usually go for! : )
The blouse is a vintage one I picked up a while back. I couldn't possibly leave a pretty floral/paisley mix like that behind! I could say that Paisley is my weakness but that would be a lie. 
Clothing is my weakness. And shoes and bags and accessories. : )

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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Date is Taking Me To The Movies!

My Date took me out to the movies to see Thor. Has anyone seen it? Not a bad film actually. I wanted something comfy to wear since the Theatre seats in North America don't really take into account that a person actually has to sit in them for over an hour. Pants were a good choice.
I love the H and M jacket - it is so cute! I really should have bought two of them. I often get that feeling after the item is already sold out - do you? Only a handful of times have I actually had the foresight to buy more than one of an item since I know I will love it. I remember it actually very well because the saleslady looked at me like I had been smoking something!
If you have an extra jacket like this one just lying around and want to sell/give it to me just let me know. : )
I love this messy half french braid style! It is very quickly becoming my favourite way to do my hair.

What do you think of it? Do you have a favourite hairstyle at the moment?

More Photos after the Jump!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Something Borrowed for a Wedding

Hi Everyone!
As some of you may know I went to a wedding yesterday. It was so beautiful and I thought I would share photos of what I wore. Initially I had chosen a different outfit but once it was time to leave for the wedding the weather had cooled off quite a bit. I borrowed this skirt from my Mum and I think it looked great! 
I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!

Thanks to all of you who gave your suggestions yesterday - I really appreciate the input. I think it is so important to have support when you are putting yourself "out there" in the blogosphere. 
Sorry that I don't have more to say but my Mum got back from San Diego and we're visiting. She also brought me a book by Paul Arden. Looks to be a good read. : )

Do you have any favourite books on Fashion?

More photos after the Jump!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Casual Cool for Spring

Hey Everyone!
Isn't it so inspiring to read the blogs of our peers? I find that no matter where I turn in the Fashion blogosphere I find so much inspiration. Sometimes I don't have the time to comment on all of the beautiful things I see, but they inspire me nonetheless. 
I wanted to take a minute to talk a little bit about where I see this blog going, for the moment anyways. : ) I am so thrilled with how things have progressed thus far and I would really like this little blog to expand even further. I have many plans hatching in my brain but amongst them are themed posts (I believe I spoke about this previously) and perhaps a few showcases of my many DIY's - fashion related of course. I was also toying with the idea of a Closet section... we'll see where that one goes.

What would you like to see more of on this blog?
I'm feeling very casual this morning, the outfit proves it. Do you remember these pants from HERE?  This vintage Ro-el bag was one of my best finds - you'll be seeing it again. Have a superb weekend!

PS 9:48 AM - I just found out I was selected to be featured in North On Harper's "NoH Does: Maximum Style" post!
I am so grateful and excited for the feature. There is a photo from yesterday's post on my Vintage Maxi dress and how I styled it. Thanks so much Alexis at North On Harper!

More photos after the Jump!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Different Kind of Maxi Dress + I'm Being Featured Today!

Hi everyone!
So I am sure you are all well aware that Blogger screwed up royally yesterday and was offline for .. 16 hours or something ridiculous. Well my post (Geek Chic) from yesterday has been removed and still not replaced. I have contacted Blogger so hopefully they will have it back up soon. Sorry for any inconvenience : )
As I mentioned in yesterday's post - I am being featured over at Smarter Fashion and Beauty! Please stop over and check it out. Thanks so much to Belinda at Smarter Fashion and Beauty for writing such a lovely feature.
 I really appreciate your comments guys - if you commented yesterday and I didn't respond I will try to do so once Blogger gets itself back together. You can also connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or Bloglovin - I promise I am getting better at Tweeting!
On another note - can you believe it is already the weekend? I know I can't. The weather is cooperating today and the sun is out and shining.
Today's outfit is a hippie/boho style look. A different take on the Maxi dress trend for sure! I have had this vintage dress for something like 12 years now and it still (in my opinion) looks great. Are you embracing the Maxi look for this summer? Tell me about your looks!

More photos after the Jump.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Anniversary Photos and Business 2 Blogger

Topic #1 Anniversary  Outfit

So as promised yesterday here are the photos of my Anniversary outfit. And for those of you wondering - it didn't actually take me half of the day to pick it out although I did change my mind a few times!
Aren and I went out for a romantic dinner in the only fancy-ish restaurant in town. I say fancy-ish because they have flat screen TVs mounted on the walls and the only programs shown are sports or sports or (you guessed it) sports. That didn't really matter though because we were there to enjoy one another`s company and celebrate us. Yay us! I'm not really too much of a mushy person but Aren is my biggest supporter and I love him so much!
Now you are probably wondering about the outfit. : )
This is a Free People dress that I purchased a while ago but was saving for a special occasion. The shoes are Nine West and all of the jewellery is Vintage or Heirloom costume jewellery. The earrings are from my Great-grandmother and the necklace I got at an Antique store. The ring was given to me by a close friend. I thought it was a simple chic look for a dinner date. I hope you agree!

 Business 2 Blogger
Topic #2 Business 2 Blogger

So I know that a lot of my readers are also new (or newer) to blogging so I am hoping that this might help you as well as me! I followed a link yesterday to a website called Business 2 Blogger. Have you heard of it? Well you know how some blogs always seem to be doing something new? They have awesome giveaways for readers and get sent new products in the mail (cool new stuff). Well Business 2 Blogger is a website that hooks up businesses and bloggers for FREE. Now I haven't tried this before and I don't know if it is going to work out, but I thought I had best give it a try. You can join as a blogger or as a business depending on where your focus lies. I certainly hope that this turns into a beneficial partnership and that the information has been useful to all of you!

More photos after the Jump!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Hi Everyone! 
So today Aren and I are celebrating our Anniversary! We have been married now for 5 years - I can hardly believe it but it's true! We are going to be going out for supper later tonight and I have to find something great to wear. I will probably spend the better part of the day trying on outfits and then deciding that I don't actually like them and instead opting for something completely different. I have so many dresses - maybe I will wear one of them. I will post about it tomorrow for sure so you can see what I went with.
But enough about the clothing for tonight's date - this post is about the outfit I wore to the Nirvana Cover band show. I wore one of my many dresses from Free People, I seriously love that brand! I actually bought it just a few weeks ago and hadn't had a chance yet to wear it (too cold). Since we had some sun during the day and I knew I would be inside at night I decided to go for it. The socks and boots helped me keep warm as well. Before I forget to tell you, the purse is Vintage from a thrift store, a truly amazing find. I've had it now for about 3 years and I love it so much.
Have any of you been to a concert or show recently? I'd love to hear about it!
More pictures after the Jump!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am a huge fan of funky prints and unique pieces as you may already know :) When I saw this tank top from Obey I just had to have it! I knew it would work perfect with the vest from Gentle Fawn (which is to die for don't you think?).
You can see I am still wearing army green - this trend seems to come and go a lot - the Zara tank top was purchased almost 6 years ago when I lived in Germany! I guess this goes to show that if you take care of your clothes properly they will last and last - even if they aren't big name brands :)
Do you go crazy for texture/prints or funky colours too?

Ich bin ein großer Fan von funky Prints und Unikate, wie Sie vielleicht schon wissen :) Wenn ich das Tank-Top von OBEY gesehen habe, musste ich es einfach haben! Ich wusste, dass es wird perfekt mit der Weste von Gentle Fawn passen (der Weste ist echt schoen, nicht wahr?).

Sie können sehen, dass ich immer noch Armee grün trage- dieser Trend kommt ab und zu wieder hin- die Zara Tank-Top die ich trage habe ich vor fast 6 Jahren gekauft, als ich in Deutschland gelebt! Ich denke das so was zeigt dass wenn Sie sich um Ihre Wäsche richtig
kümmern die Klamotten haelt sich laenger - auch wenn sie nicht große Markennamen haben :)

Moegen Sie auch Textur/Drucke und Knallige Farben?
More pictures after the Jump!
PS. Yesterday I told you about the photos from the Nirvana coverband we went to see. Well... as it turns out I systematically overwrote all but two of them with other files. Technical difficulties. The one shot I have of the band has some guys hat in it. I guess that is what I get for hitting "Yes To All" on the pop up window.
The post for the outfit I wore to the show will be posted tomorrow.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! - Purple Sequins Outfit

Happy Mother's Day!
If you have a chance please stop over at my mother's blog : Expression Express.
She is an author with two published Books, published plays as well as another under contract.
I'm sure it would brighten her day if you stopped by to leave a comment!
Share the love. : )
Now on to my outfit post for the day. BTW - last night we went to see a Nirvana cover band but I haven't yet finished uploading the pictures. Stay tuned!
So I don't know about you, but I love sequins! Sometimes they can look really super tacky so you have to be careful how you wear them. This is actually a sequin dress but I wanted to dress it down for a more casual daytime look. The white really brightens it up and makes it more of a springtime look. It is still chilly (boohoo) so I have to balance the bare legs with a longer sleeve and a taller boot.
How about you - do you love or hate sequins?

11:32 AM 8-May-2011 -  I just found out that I have been featured at Emily Recommends... and at FabSugar! You can visit those links OR you can visit my Press/Features page to view the posts. Thank you so much to Emily and to FabSugar - this made my day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Love You Primarily

You will all remember the White Out look from May 5th which was a part of the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge at Pretty Shiny Sparkly. Well there was actually a challenge the week before as well, and although I can't participate in the link-up (my blog wasn't even up when the challenge was issued) I was still inspired to create a look. Which really shouldn't be a surprise since I am inspired to create a look by just about everything and anything. Aren't you? The topic for the challenge was Colour Blocking.
This was such a huge trend on the runways and of course it is popping up in all of the fashion magazines. I seem to remember seeing this trend before but no matter. I hadn't really knowingly dedicated a look to the colour blocking cause before this so it was fun. For fun I chose a primary colour scheme - also because the red pants are super comfy and it was windy out so a skirt/shorts wouldn't have been a good choice.
In retrospect I am not sure that I love the addition of the red robot necklace... cute but he was jingle jangling all over and I was trying on rompers at a new(ish) store I discovered here in town. That means I spent a lot of time going - necklace on, necklace off, necklace on, necklace off.
Isn't that the worst part about buying anything new? Maybe in the future there will be scanners which scan your body and then project images of you in every single outfit/piece onto a mirror so you can "try things on". Hassle free.
I probably watched too much Star Trek as a child or something - plus knowing technology the scanners would probably give us an incurable disease.
Wait... I think I have it already ... shopaholicism.... (is that a word??)

More pictures after the Jump!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tiesto and Hardwell at Rock City Grande Prairie

Last weekend Aren, his brother and I went to see Tiesto and Hardwell play at Rock City. The show was really amazing and we had an excellent time. I was quite shocked that they actually came here - unreal! :)
I was channeling the 80's/90's a bit, but I couldn't resist wearing that shirt !

Laetzte Wochenende Aren, Sein Brueder und Ich sind zum Rock City gegangen fuer eine konzert von DJ Tiesto und DJ Hardwell. Es war unglaublich und klasse! Super toll! Ich konnte es nicht wirklich glauben dass die beide beim Rock City spielen wird!
Ich schaue ein bisschen wie den 80'er/90'er aus, aber Ich musste diesen T-shirt anziehen. Too Cool.

More photos after the jump INCLUDING photos of myself with Hardwell!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better - White Out

Bloggers Do It Better

So here I was going about my business, casually editing some photos for the
Pretty Shiny Sparky - Bloggers Do It Better  challenge and I find out it ends in only a few hours!
I guess I thought the end of the day meant the end of the day my time. Blasted Time zones....
Initially I had planned on posting this outfit tomorrow but at the risk of not being included (which would be very disappointing) I am going to post it tonight.
This was a great challenge because white is such a wonderful (non)color to wear. I love wearing white (other than that it gets dirty quickly..) and there is the added bonus that it makes my skin look as though it has more color! I am very pale.
Of course I had to wear as much white as possible so I wore white shoes, white pants. a white shirt, a white vest, a lace vest, a white belt, white bracelets, carried a white clutch and painted my finger and toenails white.
Overkill you say? Never.

Don't forget - there are more photos after the jump!

Bright Blue Summer Blouse

I love the bright blue of this blouse so much! It is perfect for Spring and Summer, the colour is so vibrant. I can't wait until summer weather actually begins so that I can start wearing shorts. The winters seem to drag on and on and on. Of course I am hoping that someday Aren and I will move to a warmer climate - cross your fingers for me! :)
For now I will have to be content to plan all of the outfits I will wear this summer.
If you want, leave a comment with your blog address and I will try to stop by and see what you are doing/wearing for summer.

Ich liebe den strahlende blauen dieser Bluse! Es ist perfekt für Frühling und Sommer - die Farbe ist so lebendig. Ich kann nicht warten bis Sommerwetter endlich beginnt. Ich moechte wieder Kurze Hose ansiehen :) Die Winter soll endlich zur Ende kommen! Natürlich hoffe ich dass eines Tages Aren und ich werde in ein wärmeres Klima reisen - Daumen drücken für mich! :)
Denn jetzt muss ich zufrieden sein uber alle meine Sommer Outfits nuer Planne zu machen.
Wenn Sie möchten, lassen Sie einen Kommentar mit Ihrem Blog-Adresse und ich werde versuchen vorbei zu schauen und euer outfits fuer den Sommer sehen.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Utilitarian Cargo pants for a Sunnier Day

Army inspired cargo-esque pants are popping up all over the place it seems. I really liked the fit of these pants - they are a cargo jegging. The top is new too - I really love the silhouette! As I mentioned yesterday I am up in the mountains and spring seems to be taking its time in coming - jackets are still a necessity. :)
I am trying to convince Aren (my husband) that we need to go south for our anniversary this year - I guess we will have to wait and see. I have also been hinting towards a new bag.. maybe LV??   : ) I need to save my pennies!

Armee inspiriert Hosen sind überall zu finden. Ich mag die Passform dieser Hose - sie sind wie eine "jegging". Die Oberteil ist neu auch - ich liebe wirklich die Silhouette! Wie ich gestern erwähnte hab,  ich bin oben in den Bergen und Frühjahr ist noch nicht angekommen - Jacken sind immer noch Notwendig. :)
Ich versuche, Aren überzeugen (mein Mann), dass wir nach Süden reisen soll für unser Jubiläum- ich schätze, wir müssen abwarten und sehen. Ich moechte auch eine neue Tasche kaufen .. vielleicht LV? :) Muss meine Geld sparen....

Remember there are more photos after the Jump - Enjoy!