Friday, June 24, 2011

Googly Eyes and Green Pants

I have been waiting quite some time to finally wear these shoes and show them to all of you. 
They are my first ever pair of Googly Eye shoes!!
I refashioned a pair of scuffed gold shoes into these fabulous and weird googly creations.
What do you think?

For the Project details see my other blog Hawadaere.

More Pictures After The Jump!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Purple Purple Purple

Happy Thursday everyone!
Sunshine again - I couldn't be happier. Yesterday evening we had a mini hail storm and lots of rain (after the sun of course) so today the grass is greener and the sun is shining.
This is a boho style look - I love the look of long skirts! I also love the colour purple, as I am sure you can tell. The skirt was actually a dress before (strapless) but I added an elastic at the waist to keep it up and made a skirt instead. The original dress was too big for me (a hand me down) and would have just fallen down. 

I think it turned out nice - what is your opinion?

More Photos After The JUMP!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hey everyone!
You will never guess what happened yesterday - ok I will tell you - my computer died. It really died. Thankfully Aren was able to backup the files I needed and then I had to do a system restore. Took most of the day to re-install all (most) of my programs, but I am back online which is the main thing : )
No photo program though so these are all straight off the camera.
 I kept it simple with a dress, belt and sandals. Nice and easy for a beautiful day outside.
For those of you who may be thinking you saw this dress before - I also own it in black (Posted HERE)
Hope you have been having a wonderful week so far with lots of Sunshine!

More Photos After The Jump!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Break in the Clouds!

So there was a break in the cloudy weather that has been plaguing us with rain. I took advantage of those ten seconds to snap off some pictures for all of you. It is kind of odd because while the rain has been almost non-stop the heat is still hear. I would have expected it to be cooler than it is....
I love this outfit for sunshiny days more than cloudy ones but the bright colours kept me cheerful in the midst of grey skies. I also took my beautiful new purse out for the day - the colour is spectacular!

I do feel that I am unable to take quality pictures when it is so rainy out - does anyone have tips for great photos when the weather won't comply?
Pray for sunshine everyone! : )

More Photos After the Jump!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Additions to My Closet

Good Morning everyone! I trust that you are having a beautiful start to your weekend. It is still raining in this neck of the woods but I am hopeful that the weather will turn around soon.
As I am sure you have gathered by now, I am posting some of my most recently acquired gems. I hope you will enjoy them all!

Items are as follows:
Miss L Fire Shoes - Red with cherries - I couldn't not buy these when I saw them.
John Fluevog Shoes - My first pair of Fluevogs! The yellow is amazing!
Badgley Mischka - on sale and gorgeous purple.
Black Boots - No brand - bought at thrift shop for $5!
The blue blazer and green pants are from ZARA while the bracelets and rings are from H&M.
Purses: White = Thrift Shop
Yellow = S 
Pink = Balenciaga (a belated Anniversary gift from Aren)
Green = Sterling
Black = No brand - gift I received a week ago!
The blue belt is from the thrift shop and the white belt is from H&M.

Have you been out shopping lately? If so what is your newest must-have item?

Hope you have a lovely weekend!



Thursday, June 16, 2011

My First Blog Awards - Thank you!

Hello Everyone!
So some fun news today - I was nominated for a bunch of cute blog awards in the past little while - very nice of the bloggers who thought of me. Thank you guys so much!
There are quite a few conditions when you get an award so I will try to keep this post from being too long : )
Thanks again everyone and congratulations to those who have now received the awards :)
Much love!

So Ashley at Topography Toward a Parallel Universe nominated me for this award. Thanks so much!
The rules are as follows:
1) Link back to the person who gave the award.
2) Write 7 facts about myself.
3) Nominate 15 blogs and tell them.
4) When  finished inform the blogger who awarded you.

So here we go:
1. I love sour cream. I eat it every single day.
2. I am obsessed with shoes and clothing and all things fashion.
3. When I was a child (2years +) my favourite musician was Mozart. He is still awesome.
4. I love Russian nesting dolls aka Matryoshka.
5. I am Peter Mansbridge's #1 fan (my sister and I are actually tied as his #1 fans)
6. My first pet was a pigeon named Bert. We loved him so much - I even drew pictures of him.
7. I was born on my Grandfather's Birthday.

My nominations in no particular order (except my Mother and Sister who are #1 and #2):
1. Tracy from Expression Express
2. Priscilla from The Benterud Bookshelf
3. Dominey from The Wardrobe Fetish
4. Steffy from Steffy's Pros and Cons
5. Shasie from Live Life In Style
8. Jess from Love Life Labels
9. Za from Shoeocracy
10. Kat from Kats Love Fashion
11. Breanne from Flattery
13. Ari from Ari Sunshine

The other blog awards were all in one post together from Jess at Love Life Labels.
Thank you so much Jess!

So I am supposed to nominate 10 people for this award as well and then tell you 10 things about me. Is it cheating if I combine the 10 things about me with the 7 things I already told you? I don't think so : )
8. My favourite character on Star Trek when growing up was Data.
9. I don't like licorice.
10. I wish that I could travel somewhere new every month - I love experiencing new places/cultures.
I am going to nominate all of the 15 people above for this award as well (with the exception of Jess who awarded me this one!) 
In Jess's place I will nominate Ashley from Topography Toward a Parallel Universe.

Thanks again everyone!
Tomorrow I am planning to show you what I have been up to and the new additions to my closet, so stay tuned ! : )