Monday, May 16, 2011

My Date is Taking Me To The Movies!

My Date took me out to the movies to see Thor. Has anyone seen it? Not a bad film actually. I wanted something comfy to wear since the Theatre seats in North America don't really take into account that a person actually has to sit in them for over an hour. Pants were a good choice.
I love the H and M jacket - it is so cute! I really should have bought two of them. I often get that feeling after the item is already sold out - do you? Only a handful of times have I actually had the foresight to buy more than one of an item since I know I will love it. I remember it actually very well because the saleslady looked at me like I had been smoking something!
If you have an extra jacket like this one just lying around and want to sell/give it to me just let me know. : )
I love this messy half french braid style! It is very quickly becoming my favourite way to do my hair.

What do you think of it? Do you have a favourite hairstyle at the moment?

More Photos after the Jump!

Jacket - DIVIDED by H&M
Tank Top - SUZY SHIER (although I got it at a thrift shop)
Pants - DIVIDED by H&M
Shoes - ALDO
Bag - Vintage CL AMERICA
Bracelet - Thailand



  1. This is my favourite outfit so far!!!
    i am also in love with your hair.....

  2. You are adorable and I love the hair :) Braids for the win everytime!

  3. lovely outfit. i love the black-colour-scheme theme going on throughout.

  4. Love the braid and the stripes with that jacket!

  5. stylish and beautifull!nice outfit dear.i loved your shoes :)))

  6. I love it. You look so chic, comfortable and just so beautiful.
    I watched Thor too and absolutely LOVE IT. Hope you enjoyed it.


  7. This look is truly Fabulous! I really Love those shoes! They reming me of the Simply Vera shoes that I bought at Kohls a week ago. I Love them!

  8. Remind me lol. I cant spell today. Need more coffee.

  9. That jacket is H&M? No way!! Too cute - it looks wonderful. And ALWAYS a good idea to wear a jacket to the theater - it is always freezing in there.

  10. I love the jacket! I have an affinity for military style jackets!! Those shoes are also beautiful! Aldo does make cute shoes! :)

  11. beautiful look wonderful :)

  12. love this classic modern black outfit!

  13. Love the outfit. (And want to see Thor!)

  14. Thank you all so much! I enjoyed the movie and I'm glad everyone is onside with braids :)

  15. Awww what a great date outfit! I love it, especially your favorite look of yours so far! :)

  16. I want to see Thor too! Everyone says it is really good! And yes...that is my favourite way you do your hair too!

  17. Girl! You have a great figure! Love everything about this outfit from the jacket to the skinny jeans to the heels! Fab

    Live Life in Style

  18. elegant outfit for a date, the jaquet ver glam...

    feel free to visit my blog:

  19. Sweetheart, if he didn't propose marriage on the spot, you need a smarter date.

    You look GORGEOUS! I would kill for that hair.


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