Friday, June 3, 2011

Knee Socks Through The Garden Gate

I'm so glad to be back - I know I only missed one day - but it seems like an eternity!
Before anyone asks I should let you know that I do not live in this house. I wish I had a white gate that led to a "secret" garden in the backyard. That would be fantastic!
This is a cute little outfit that kind of reminds me of my days working at the Library. I'm not sure exactly why, but it does. I was going to wear the sweater again this week but I got food juice on it while cooking supper. I should have been wearing an apron : )
The Shamrock necklace is probably my favourite part of this entire outfit as it used to belong to my 
Great-grandmother on my Mum's side.
 I think it's fun to wear things that belonged to family members/relatives because the item has a story behind it. 

Do you have any special heirloom pieces that you love to wear?

More Photos After the Jump!

Cardigan - TALULAH
Sweater - Vintage
Skirt - No Brand
Shoes - ECCO
Necklace - Heirloom costume jewellery
Purse - Vintage RO-EL
Belt - Vintage (given to me by a friends mom)




  1. love the knee high socks! you look so cute

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  2. Lydia, I totally thought of "The Secret Garden" when I saw these shots. The setting is beautiful; this could be an editorial page in an magazine. Nicely done :)

  3. I love the outfit! So cute and well put together

  4. i love the socks :-) and your jewelry!

    i have a necklace my great grandmother made in the 1800s when she was a child :-) i wear it occasionally :-) it's my favorite piece!

    have a wonderful weekend!

  5. The skirt is beautiful!

  6. Love your outfit. Beautiful skirt!

    Fashion Cat

  7. Uiii, mutiges Outfit....steht Dir ganz ganz toll! Ich liebe die Kniestrümpfe!

  8. You look so adorable in this outfit, lovely!

  9. You look perfect honey :) Great blog, I'm following. Follow back if you want to:

  10. You look awesome! Love whole this look!

  11. I think that knee socks are such an awesome addition to any outfit. They add a girlish, whimsical touch.
    P.S. You're so cute!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. gorgeous dress, shoes and bag!! beautiful style!!

  13. i love the layering and the colour combo here. beautiful pictures too!

  14. I really like the combination of darker shades with the print. I also like the way the shoe color is picked up in the skirt. Very nice

  15. You look cute, the necklace is beautiful.
    adorable look.

  16. Your pictures are adorable! And you look great, I love the necklace. My grandma gave my sister and I rings that used to belong to her so we treasure those.

  17. my grandmother had the most beautiful giant stones like turquoise and opal and passed them down to me. they are definitely my favorite pieces!

  18. so cute!! you look so adorable in that outfit :)

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  19. These pictures remind me of the "Secret Garden" movie.
    I love that skirt!!!

  20. You look so lovely! And I'm going to state for the record that I'm so happy that knee socks are back in; I was too young to wear them in the 90's.:)

    And I love that your whole outfit belonged to your grandmother. My grandma was always so generous with all of her clothes and jewelery that I must have cleaned her out way back during my teen years. Sadly, most of those pieces are no longer in my possesion, but I do still have a lovely wristwatch with a deep dark blue(not quite navy) face. According to everyone it would be cheaper to just buy a new watch for the price of fixing the battery, but I really would love to wear it.This is really saying a lot because I'm not really a jewelery girl.

    Lastly just let me say that it feels great to be able to comment on everyone's posts again, and a big thanks to you, Lydia for commenting on my blog during my Google account imposed hiatus; I really appreciate it! xx

  21. You look so lovely! The skirt has such a personality - fun, quirky, and pretty!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  22. Oh dear, you look so adorable AS EVER!!!! Loved whole outfit again! Oh yes, I have my special heirloom (that I stole from my mum's wardrobe)!!! kkkk


  23. Thanks for all the comments you guys! I love hearing from you!
    Ashley - I'm sorry to hear about what google/blogger did. These platforms are nuts at times!
    Great that so many people also have sentimental items in their closets :)
    As I said at the beginning - I wish this were my garden (or that my garden had a gate..)

  24. Great look Lydia!! I totally agree about the whole secret garden thing. It reminds me of that movie that I used to watch on repeat all the time when I was younger "The Secret Garden"

    Live Life in Style

  25. Nice colours on an autumn day. We can't have summer all the time. You look so cool :o)

  26. I love the outfit! So cute and well put together


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